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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Weekend

Hello World!

Well I had a good weekend. Did you? We finished painting the living room. Moved all the furniture back in. And set-up most of our Christmas stuff. As soon as its all put together I'll post some pictures. It looks good. I like it much better than our old living room.

Over the weekend I brought all 5 dogs to the groomers. That was a project. The youngest and newest one of the bunch, Lucy, has never been out in public like that before. We get the dogs groomed at Petco. Thats a pretty busy place. She hasn't been many places outside the home. She is also a rescue so she already had some fear problems. I felt bad for her. She was doing really well walking next to me then as people approached her cause they wanted to pet her, she froze. She was so scared of all the people she was shaking and piddled a little bit and even pooed some. My heart broke a little bit. I wanted to yell at these people to back off and give her space, she wasn't ready for all that. I wanted to just scoop her up and get her out of there. But instead I decided it would be good for her to see nothing was going to happen. So I sat with her on the floor and calmed her down. It took us 20 mins to walk across the store when it should of taken about 3. Haha. But it was worth it. She walked much easier out of the store after the grooming. So now all 5 dogs have been groomed and smell good for the Holiday!

Tucker after grooming with his Holiday bandana!

Today I finished all my holiday shopping. FINALLY! I cooked up some special dog treats too. The poochies are going to get them in their stockings! Yes, all the dogs get stockings. :) They also get gifts wrapped under the tree that they will get to shred open Christmas morning. Yes, I know, They are spoiled. But they do so much for us, they deserved to be spoiled and extra amount during the holidays. They are family too!

I also had my follow to the hospitalization. It went great. My weight is up, which is great!!! I'm right under the 100lb goal. So I have to keep stuffing my face haha. My lung function test went well too. I've stable at 33% for almost a month now! Thats great. I was down to 22% at one point. SO all good things on the medical front! Which is welcomed news since most visits aren't, haha. Now if I could just get that transplant call...

Breathe Easy

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